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WTBA Promotional Day London

September 10th 2017
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There is no payment needed till the day,
but please let us know you're coming so we have an idea of numbers

The World Taiji Boxing Association is putting on a promotional day in London.  
Just a small fee of £10 for the whole day will be asked at the door to cover overheads.

Chief Instructor Eli Montaigue will lead the workshop,
aided by UK Chief Leigh Evans, and London Chief Manuel Mellet. North London Chief Paul Underwood. 
As well as other London based instructors.

This is an open event for anyone to come and try out what we do.

You can attend the whole day, or just the parts you wish to look at, it’s £10 whether you come to one session or all of them.
If you’re not sure if you want to do a particular session, just try the first 10 minutes, if it’s not for you then come back at the next session you want to try.

Location of Venue:
Community Hall Under Morgan House, 57 Vauxhall Bridge RD

The workshop will cover a compilation of what the WTBA Schools teach.
Click each link for more info on each subject.

10am: Yang Lu Chan’s Taiji Form.

This is believed to be the original yang style form, before Taiji was modified into the all slow moving forms of today. The form flows like the great river, with slow calm movements, moments of stillness, and fast explosive movements, to create the ultimate balance in the body, mind and spirit.

12pm: Short Break

12:15: Small San Sau.
This is the foundation martial form in Taiji, a fast and explosive form that teaches you how to apply the movements of Taiji in a martial sense. You learn a solo set a movements then put it with a partner to practice the set with punches coming at you.

2pm: Short Break

2:30pm: Push Hands.
In the WTBA we use push hands as a training tool for learning body mechanics for self defence. We use a small combat power stance, and every movement and principal that you learn can be applied to combat.

4:30: Short Break

4:45pm: General Self defence.
In this session we will look at the fighting methods of Fa-jing Chuan, (Explosive Energy Boxing) This is Erle Montaigue’s system of self defence, made up of principals from Taiji, Bagua, Wu-dang, and more. We will look at Fa-jing striking, Dim-Mak point striking, and defensive work.

6:30pm: Bagua.
In this session we will go through the Bagua circular walking method, this teaches us how to control movement from the centre, each step has an application.
Also we will go through the first part of the classical circular form of Jiang Rong Qiao (also anglicized as Chiang Jung Ch'iao) This form is in many ways a lot like the Yang Lu Chan’s Taiji form, with slow fast and explosive movements. This for however involves much more focus on twisting, with many spirals and undulations of the body. The form is typically done faster than the Taiji form, and can feel a bit more squeezing and stretching on the body.

8:30pm: Finish

We have 7 London based instructors teaching the WTBA syllabus, and more in the surrounding areas, many of them will be there at this workshop.
So this workshop will show you the wtba style of training at its best learning directly from the chief instructor and head of the wtba, but as there will be many of the other wtba instructors present so you’ll get more hands on time with a teacher.