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Yang Cheng fu Form

This is the basic Yang Cheng-fu Taiji form taught in a step by step way so that one is able to literally teach oneself. This is the one that most people buy first of all regardless of how advanced they are. Every movement is gone over, stopping and starting to show important parts. Also included on this tape is the all important basic QIGONG, which is the most integral part of anyone's T'ai Chi training.

This basic form is comprised of around 300 postures all linked together in an all flowing graceful whole, which when performed daily will aid in the healing of the body and mind. At an advanced stage, these movements are able to be used also for external self defense. This form is more healing than martial art, although it is said that Yang Cheng-fu changed the form only enough to leave in the internal essence of the form If you are older, or not able to perform more energetic movement, then this is the one to begin with.