Instructors in Australia

Wally Simpson: 6th Degree
Teaches on the Gold Coast of Southern Queensland. wally_simpson@internode.on.netAlso a brilliant TCM Doctor, Co-author of Erle Montaigue's Encyclopaedia of Dim-Mak. Monday and Wednesday evening at the Burleigh Heads State school Gold Coast. Classes start at 7pm pm and go for 2 hours, the cost is $10.00. We also have monthly  half day classes for free on the Gold Coast
Call 07 5598 6204 for more info.


Jim Marincic:6th Degree
One of the first WTBA instructors, Jim goes back a long way with Erle, and has been teaching the WTBA system for decades.
Teaches in Canberra.


Keith Brown: 5th Degree
Keith Brown is our Teacher in Sydney. MOB: 0416 144017 or
Phone: 02-9913 2531 Glebe Public School: Tues & Thurs: 7 pm to 8.30 pm. Dee Why: Wed, 7 - 8.30 pm: 
Narrabeen: Sunday, 9 - 10.30 am.


Kevin Prandolini: 2nd Degree
lives in the Samford area, about 25km north-west of Brisbane. He is available for private or group classes. Please phone 07 3289 6878 to discuss.


Kerry Sunderland: 1st Degree
Gone Walk about


Bruce Jordan: 2nd Degree
phone   08 87259969 (within Australia)
Mt Gambier, South Australia (Green Triangle Region) Evening classes in Mt Gambier during school terms


Tomoko Kabasawa: 3rd Degree
is our Instructor in Perth. She takes a small private class at the weekends:  From 9:00 am Saturday or and home telephone no. is (08) 9243 5775.


Zac Edwards 3rd Degree
Margaret River Western Australia
contact: 0450365752
Classes on Wed 5:15pm(beginners/form) Sat 8:00am(martial/advanced) Also private classes for the super keen on request.

Andrew Fraser 2nd Degree
Classes in Port Moresby
Location is the Royal Papua Yacht Club
Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5.30 am to 6.30am
Covering Qigong, Yang Cheng Fu, Yang Luchan, Push Hands, Small San Sau, Large San Sau, Bagua Circle
Cost for Non Yacht Club Members is K30 per lesson and cost for Yacht Club Members is K20.
Contact Andrew on 675 7237 9301 (PNG) or 0400 307 349 (Australia) Email or

Colin Power: 1st Degree
Trained with Erle for many years in Australia and has attended 
International camps. Attends Eli's Australia camps and continues building 
international ties.
Classes are held at Yin Health medical centre on the Sunshine Coast QLD 
Contact for further details:
Phone: 07 5438 8387
Colin Power

Steven Booth: 1st Degree
Teaches in parks around Melbourne, (in Essendon, Brunswick, Albert Park and Fairfield),  
(03) 93820348

Kay Thoren: 1st Degree
Ph: 0417563936

Nick Blewett: 1st Degree
Train at: The Centre of Natural Medicine: 2184 Gold Coast Hwy
Contact: (07) 55 755 300 
or 0438 796 991
Training: Tuesday & Thursday 6pm til 8pm
Private Sessions avaliable.

Sam Beatty 1st Degree
Western Sydney
0412 153 405

Stephen Atkinson: 1st Degree
Ta Mo Tao Martial Arts 1/8 Davy St Mittagong

Kundan Ewan: 1st Degree
Brunswick Heads 0423 472 336.

Hugh Bowden: 1st Degree

margaret river, WA.
0415252953 Qigong, Yang cheng fu for health and self defence Wed 5pm

Ron Goninan: 1st Degree
Involved with Erle Montaigue System since 1996 – current.
Teaching White Crane Gongfu, Chinese Weapons, Taiji & Dim-Mak in Australia.
School: 9-11 Short Street
Wellington. NSW. 2820.
Ph: (02) 68452846
Web Site:

Chris Scott: 1st Degree
Pakenham and Clayton areas and at my house. 

Ray Potter:  1st Degree
Classes are held in Bundaberg in the internal martial arts, including Tai Chi Chuan, Bagua and weaponry. For details contact Ray Potter on 0402 546 246 or e-mail

Sarah Stenberg: 1st Degree
Classes and private lessons on the Sunshine Coast Qld
Ph 07 5494 6793 email


Rod Prince: 1st Degree
Contact number is 0411688330
I reside in Brisbane Australia in the Upper Mount Gravatt area, Post Code 4122
I currently conduct three classes, two of which are based in Upper Mount Gravatt, on Brisbane's southside and are held on Friday evening and Saturday Morning. The other is conducted at Warner on Brisbane's far northside on Friday Mornings. Interested students may contact me for the details. I will also conduct private classes on request, if time permits.  My classes consist of learning the basics, qi gong, form, push hands, sticky hands etc, and applications.  I have been practicing martial arts since 1976 including Kendo, Aikido, Hung Kar Southern Shaolin and most recently Muso Shindo Ryu Jodo. I began my practice of Tai Chi in 1979 and trained with Erle in the period from about 1990 to about 1995 when he was living in Northern New South Wales. I have a Bachelors degree majoring in Human Movement Studies, Sociology and Psychology from the University of Queensland (1984) and a Masters degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies from Griffith University (2001). I am currently teaching English. Should you require further information please email me or contact me on the above number.



Ron Hassarati: 1st Degree
Phillipino Martial Arts Centre called "The Combat Zone" 3/ 187 Faifield Rd Guildford West Sydney,  
Thursday Night, 6-730 pm.
> Contact details: 96365157, 


Tony Duff-Forbes: 1st Degree
Armidale Branch of the WTBA:
Classes held at “Smith House” Barney st Armidale
Tuesday nights 1830-1900:  Beginners, Teaching time.  1900-2000: Combined, advanced and beginners practicing together 2000- late: Advanced/experienced
Instructor:  Tony Duff-Forbes WTBA instructor since 1999, Also 30 years general martial arts experience. Registered Fitness instructor.
Contact email



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