Advanced Bagua Circular 5 Volume Set.
Advanced Bagua Circular 5 Volume Set.

Advanced Bagua Circular 5 Volume Set.

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This is a direct follow on from our 9 volume Bagua Complete Basics video series. 
Purchasing this gives you all five volumes including MTG456, 457, 458, 459, 460. 
New Release Sale ends February 19th.

Downloadable in HD and a smaller SD file for use on your Phone/Tablet, or if you just have low space on your computer.

You can also purchase them separately if you wish.

Have you ever wondered why one person moving looks so much more fluent and powerful than another, but can't really put your finger on what's actually different? 
This is because most of these differences are so small they can only be seen once you know they are there. 

On this video series Eli takes you through the full Bagua Circular form eight palm changes and breaks down all these principles that you usually can't see. 
He talks about how to build in the opening and closing of the spine especially into the postures which are vertically powered. 
How to allow the waist to move left and right during a vertical move. 
The micro circles at the end of every move to create that recoil and Fa-jing power. 
How to seamlessly connect one move into the other with out breaking the flow, by understanding how to follow the circles and create figure eight patterns where a circle is followed by an opposite circle. 
Subtle changes of yin and yang with in the palms is also covered. 
Different ways of doing the movements. 

This series focuses on all the things above and more, getting you through all the technical details of this form, along with showing simply how to gain different energy feelings from an internal point of view. 
You need to have a good basic form before trying to learn from this series.

Where this series focuses more so on technical information, breaking down and showing in great detail the subtleties that make this form so beautiful, following this series in the coming months Eli will be filming 4 more videos, covering more of the internal nature. 
This will not cover anything from a technical sense, but more so taking it from the idea that you now know the physical form, so lets just move, kind of like Erle's Taiji this is how we do it series. 
The four will be.
1. Bagua Circular Qigong, finding the Yin. 
2. Bagua Circular Qigong, finding the Yang.
3. Bagua Little Dragon, Small Frame fighting. (Erle already started teaching this)
4 Bagua Big Dragon, Large Frame fighting.  

Bagua has always been considered less detailed, less refined, than Taiji, but this is only because Taiji was Erle's main form, so he put a lot more attention into producing videos on this. 
Eli however, though he loves the Taiji, find's that Bagua is his main focus, so this has enabled him to take Bagua and break it down to an understandable level in the same way Erle did for Taiji. 
Even though Erle was always doing these principles Eli will teach, he just never went into as much detail breaking them down as he did for the Taiji. 

So this has worked out very nicely as now we should have equal information on both systems. 

  • Level: Intermediate to Advanced. 
  • Run Time: Approx  mins 625
  • Media Type: MP4 Download HD or SD
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