Advanced Dim Mak (PDF Book)
Advanced Dim Mak (PDF Book)

Advanced Dim Mak (PDF Book)

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The art of dim-mak is a complex one, consisting of many different facets.
I discussed a number of these in my earlier book, Dim-Mak: Death-Point Striking.
In this book I cover areas of training, points, revival, and healing in particular that I did not include in the first book.
I am also including a section in Chapter 4 on street survival using the simplest of dim-mak methods—those that do not require you to invest years of study and practice in order to attain a high level of expertise.
You can learn these most deadly methods in a matter of hours. However, reaching a high level of proficiency in the more advanced methods of dim-mak does take some time and much more practice.
According to an old Chinese saying, “It takes three lifetimes to learn dim-mak.” This does not refer to learning at a very basic level, but rather at a very high level, and is a way of saying that it is a long, hard ix Preface T “I have come to where I am now, armed with only the knowledge of how little I know.” —Sidney Poitier road to gaining this advanced proficiency.
But with the training provided in this and my last book on the subject, the goal is not unobtainable. A little dedication, many hours of practice, a few bruises, and you will begin to see why many of the world’s leading martial artists are now turning to dim-mak.
They are finding that it not only gives their own martial art a new dimension, it also gives them some insight into what their own style was like before it became watered down as a result of so-called masters simply not giving out certain information (either because they wanted to hide it or they simply didn’t know it).
They are finding that there is a wealth of information to be gained, not only in the fighting art but also in the healing art.