Bagua Circular Stillness Full Set
Bagua Circular Stillness Full Set

Bagua Circular Stillness Full Set

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The much-awaited series on the internal side of Bagua Circular.
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A lot of people often say that Bagua is not as internal as Taiji, or that it takes longer to get it, but for the most part this is only due to the way Bagua is taught.
In Bagua you learn to control your physical movements first, building that much needed strength and stability, as well as timing and coordination.
Once the physical movements have been learnt to a comfortable level, you can then start on your path of “Finding the Qi” A lot of the time people are not shown this softer internal side of the Bagua, so the student either takes forever to find the Qi, or sometimes not at all.

The easiest way to find your Qi, feel it and become in touch with it, is to take away anything else that you might usually feel, such as pressure on the muscles, stretch, torque, flexion, etc.
When we take away these external components from our movement, we are far more likely to feel something inside, since the sensation is not being masked by the external.
So, Eli takes you through the form showing how to get this softer calmer approach to happen and attain “Stillness” Sometimes doing postures in different ways to better enhance this effect.
Eli shares his 20 years of practice, tips on how he was able to get deeper into his internal side.

This however does not mean that you must do your form soft and slowly for it to be internal, far from it.
The form is still just as much internal when you do it with a more Yang approach, larger with more twist and stretch.
Some people may even feel they find their Qi in the Yang way more easily.
But for most people it is easier to find the Qi in the Yin way, this is why for the videos we start here.

Following this set of 5 videos will come the Yang approach.

Who should start learning this way of moving?
Anyone who feels they are comfortable with at least the basic way of doing the physical movements of the form. So, this way of moving can be layered into either the basic or advanced principle of the form. 

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  • Level: Intermediate to Advanced. 
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