Bagua Hooks Knives (Full Set)
Bagua Hooks Knives (Full Set)

Bagua Hooks Knives (Full Set)

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Bagua Hooks Knives. 
The full set, including MTG 477, 478, 479.

A very rare weapon form that my father Erle leant in Hong Kong in the early 80s. 
He never mentioned who he learnt it from or what lineage it comes from, does it really matter? 

As with all weapons forms, they are not for fighting, because when would you ever have a set of these on you when you're attacked. 
The form has a good mix of simple and practical applications, as well as some more exotic ones that promote strength and fitness. 
With the weight of the knives in your hands while doing these movements, it gives a very nice shoulder workout, as well as having a series of low postures and leaping movements to strengthen the legs. 

This was a form Erle never got around to putting on video. 
I (Eli) think it's a very nice form, it might become my favourite. 
I like how in comparison to the Deer Horn Knives, it feels much more real in it's application. 

However, weapon forms in general are not where my interests are, this is only my personal thing, if you love weapon forms then great, enjoy them and you will get some great health and fitness from them. 
But because of this, I decided to not perfect the form before putting it on video, just like Dad did with the Deer Horn Knives.
So instead of waiting another 10 years till a time comes where I want to get deep into this form, I thought I had better put it down on video now, so those of you out there who really want to learn it can. 

So each few days I worked on just one side of one section, then I filmed it, then I would do the next. 
The only thing you don't get it a demo of the full form being done all the way through, as I have not done it enough to be able to do that. 
But you get each section done to an expectable level, so you will have no trouble learning from this video set. 

The form is taught on the assumption that you already know the Bagua Circular form.

You can either make your own set of knives, based on what they look like,
or you can buy a set just like the ones used in the videos, which can be found here

  • Level: Advanced. 
  • Run Time: Approx.  mins 362
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