Breathing to Enrich the Yin Yang Poles

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A special workshop from Eli that will enrich and expand your training, taking your deeper into the internal realm. 
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This is one of those very special workshops where Eli didn't have much of a plan at the start, just an idea. 
One of those ones where if it had been a real workshop in person, he would have thought at the end "damn! wish I'd filmed that!" 

Well in this case you're in luck, it's all on video for you to enjoy. 
You can either buy to stream till the end of June, or pay a bit extra to download and keep forever. 
Please note, if you buy to download you'll get a separate email with a download link, as the link at the time of purchase will only take you to stream. 

The idea to the workshop was to teach you how to best activate the qi at it's polar opposites of yin and yang. 
If you have the tools and understand the extreme yin and extreme yang, you can then find your own balance in your training. 
Sometimes you'll want to do your training with a lot of yang, other times very yin, but usually it will be mixture of the two, it's up to you to find that mixture that suits you in the moment. 

Breathing is one of the main focuses here. 
To calm the body and go deep into the yin, we use a fully expanding natural breath, starting low in the belly and raising up into the chest with three primary activations along the way. 
This yin breath opens up your body, making you feel very calm and gentle, wanting the spread love and hugs. 
After teaching the breath itself, Eli shows you how to connect your movements to this breath. 

Then it's the reverse breath to activate the yang. 
Here we learn how the reverse breath is used, when it's used and why. 
In this case we're using the breath to activate the yang in the body. With this breath the body is more closed, it's under pressure, like you're in a fight. 
This engages the core, activates the C back and the reptilian brain, taking you into a subconscious but ready state.  

After this Eli take you through two Qigong's. 
The first is Snake Hands from the 12 deadly katas. One of the best methods for discovering your yang side. 
Here Eli uses this method to teach you about core activation, how to engage the core to simulate the activation that would happen when doing these movements under pressure. 
Eli shows in detail, (with his shirt off) what happens in the core. He also explains how these same compressions still happen even when we are doing an extreme yin qigong. These compressions are needed to activate the Qi, they can be very strong or extremely subtle. 

The aim is to understand yang through slow movement. 
Doing explosive movements is the obvious way to get yang, but maybe you can't do that due to an injury. In this workshop Eli does not go into the explosive area, as this is something that has been covered so many times before. 
Bringing out the yang in slow movements is not only for people who can't do the explosive ones, it gives a totally different type of yang, more like a grounded earthy yang, compared to a fiery yang. Like the bear vs lion. 

One the yin side of things Eli uses the Qi Development tools. 
Using the heart qigong, this method takes you into the total opposite feeling.  
Taking the body into the softest way it can move, while still activating the body, since soft doesn't mean dead. 
Learning to create perfect circles in the palms so to not feel any tension. Learning how to step in the softest way so the foot just floats forward. 

The aim here is not to learn new Qigong methods, even though these two given are very beneficial.
The aim is to use them as a tool to understand movement, then apply what you now understand into your Taiji or Bagua forms.  

  • Run Time: Approx 3.5 hours
  • Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Media Type:  MP4 Download.