Well the first month on the road has been great.
We started off with new years eve in London, as both Fran and I have never seen a big fireworks display, so standing on Westminster Bridge with Big Ben and the London Eye towering over us, we welcomed in 2017, the year of travels.

After spending a week in Paris in a friends flat, we headed south in search of warmth, making our way down through France, seeing some amazing places on the way, but ultimately wanting to get to Spain where it would be warmer, as -5 in a pop top campervan is a bit chilly over night.

The experience so far has been wonderful, at first we felt a bit cramped, having to move stuff around to make space to cook dinner, going to the toilet was fine if there was the option of digging a hole, but often this was not the case, so a bag and bucket in the van was the solution.

But after the first week or so, we got used to it, working out the best way to do things and to manage the space etc, so now we’re really very comfortable and are totally use to how things work in the van life.

We’ve so far not had to pay for any camping sites when it’s just the two of us, as we’ve been able to find little spots off the main road where we can camp out, some totally spectacular, like on the side of a mountain, and then of course sometimes it’s more like parking up on a street in a small town for the night.

Training so far hasn’t been a huge amount, just some form and Qigong in the mornings, as we’ve been finding so many amazing places that need exploring, I’ve been kind of lost in the travelling mind set.
Though I’ve still been doing enough, lately I’ve been also doing 30 minutes of muscular training every morning, push ups, pull ups, mostly body weight stuff, though I will pick up some stuff as well, like Fran.

I’ve also been very busy with work as well, I’ve just finished editing 6 new MTG videos that I filmed with Leigh just before leaving the UK, so that’s taken a lot of my time, as well as I’m still teaching via video, with my distance learning program, which is being received very well by those who have tried it, they are finding it a great way to learn between workshops.

Fran and I have been doing some training together as well, two person stuff, I’ve also been teaching her how to use a stick, so while she is doing that I’ll be doing the form on the left side, Bagua pole form, as it’s a very one sided form, but I never did that form both sides, so getting that balance now, remember any form that’s not balanced must be done both sides.

We had Lars out to stay with us, that was great to have my best mate here for a while, road tripping from the south of Spain up to Lisboa in Portugal, it’s was really nice to get hammered by him on the Tuesday night, the we were on the beach near Tarifa, with the sun setting over the African mountains in the distance, and really had a good go at each other.

Anyway pictures are better than words, so have a look at where we’ve been so far.   

All set testing out the gear before heading off 
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New years eve in London, we then set off across the channel on new years day

A week in Paris for Fran to check out all the art as she'd only been once when she was 8, 
we were lucky enough to be given a flat of a friend of mine to stay in while she was out of town :-)

Amazing vegan deserts in Paris!

These were the best ever!!! 100% Vegan. 

We also found amazing savory food... Paris was like a little holiday before the real trip started, now we cook in the van most of the time,
to keep costs down, only eating out maybe once a week. 

Laundry time :-)

Oh Yeah! South of France near Pont d'Arc

Taking a bath at Pont d'Arc, bloody freezing!

Amazing roads

Pont d'Arc

Had to

Qigong under the moonlight at Pont d'Arc

Carcassonne, it's so cool, we thought it was just a tourist castle, but it's a proper functioning old town

Can't complain at the views we get from the kitchen windows :-)

Sagrada Familia De Gaudi, Barcelona, Spain.
This is the most amazing man made thing I've ever seen, my second time here, you have to see it.

Gorgeous church in the gothic quarter, Barcelona

My Chair at Park Guell in Barcelona

Gorgeous Fran 

How's that for a camping site! Monserrat Mountains in Spain, spent two nights here, did an amazing hike up to the top.

Morning Qigong spot on Monserrat

More of Monserrat

Lunch Time 

Hiking up Monserrat

Camp fire and sunset :-) On the side of a mountain

Mont Rebei Gorge Walk, it was so windy! There was one point where the track was about a meter wide
and no chain to hold onto, and to make things worse, just as I was climbing over some rocks, with the huge wind 
blowing, and a 50 meter cliff about 2 feet to the side of me, my hat folded down over my eyes! So I was blind holding onto the rocks trying to to be blown 
off, while Fran had already passed and she was laughing her arse off :-D

Never stop being silly

Batería Militar Castillitos.

Alhambra, Spain

El Torcal Alto

I'm 30 now so I've got to stay young!

Bagua on the rocks

Lazy Single Whip

Photo shoot for the model 

View from the office window :-)


Near Ronda

Fran being artsy :-)

Going for a winter swim with African mountains in the background :-D

Fran's not a cold water kind of girl

Rio Tinto, Spain

Cliffs in Portugal 

Lovely day out at Palace de Pena in Sintra Portugal

Stay turned for next months adventures!