Erle and Eli.

By Eli Montaigue November 2011



A lot of people don't seem understand the relationship that Dad and I had.

Some people make comments about how I'm running the WTBA since Dad died etc, and how I've changed things.


There are two main reasons for people making comments like this, such as, Eli's making everything more strict, or why are you giving away your father's life work for such a low price When I give people special offers on DVDs etc. You're not running things how your Dad use to


1, They haven't trained with Dad for years, and so think that all his ways would still be the same as they were back in the 80's

2. They don't even know Dad, or have met him once or twice, and have made up their own ideas of what Dad was. Telling me this is not how your dad would have done things etc. Like as if they know him better then me.


So I write this.


Dad and I were the closest a Father and Son can be, not just in our love for each other in our personal life, but in the ideas and thoughts for the WTBA.

I spent my whole life with my Dad, I was schooled at home by Mum and Dad, so was around him not just everyday, but all day!


Dad and I did so much together, from about the age of 16 I was his main training partner, all his two person training was done with me.

We played music together, gigging about. We were the closest of friends.

We travelled the world together, from the age of 15 I attended just about every class and workshop he ever did.

If ever I had to cover a workshop for him, he never told me what to do, because he knew that I knew what I was doing, not just in my teaching, but also in the way I behave, and the way I treat people.


So I think that when it comes to knowing what Dad wanted for the WTBA, I knew him best.

As anyone with in Europe will tell you, as they trained with him most recently, and saw how we were together.


When Dad first started the WTBA, it was a bit more relaxed than it is now. People think that it was me who changed this, it wasn't, it was Dad.

He became unhappy with some sloppy instructors, and so started thinking about ways to structure things better.


Some people have not trained with Dad in so long, and for some reason think that his ways would not have changed in 20 years! And so anything they don't like they blame on me.


You will notice that all of the most advanced instructors around the world, and in particular the ones that trained with Dad on a regular basis over the last years in Wales etc. They dont have any complaints, this is because they knew Dad well, and can see that I am taking it forward just as he would have wanted.



Dad and I in NYDad and I in NY