Erle Montaigue

(Master Degree, China) 1949-2011


Only the good die young


So Dad had no chance!


As most of you know he had diabetes, and was controlling it with Diet and his training. And doing a bloody good job! As anyone who trained with him would tell you, how much energy he had, and how fit he was, no one could hit as hard as him!


Mum Ben Kathleen and I were all with him, I'm so glad I was here, as I live in Swansea now about an hour away.


We had just had a band practice the night before, and he was working on a song with Kathleen in the morning. Then I had what turned out to be my last lesson from him only about an hour before he left.


He was fighting fit, and had just ran up the road to catch up to Mum Kathleen and I walking the dogs, a few minutes after we were all walking back down and he just said "hold me"  As he sat down on the road, he was out in only a couple of seconds. I sprinted back to the house to get his diabetic kit, and Kathleen to the house near us to get some sugar. Ben was down at his house only 1/4 of a mile away, so Kathleen called him and he ran up.

When he got there we'd already started CPR, the paramedics got there in a helicopter, we were trying for about 15 minute, then the paramedics for another 20 or 30. I was pushing all the points I could think of, and even tried the old Pen through the foot trick!

The paramedics gave me a very strange look! Haha! But as it happened it was a clogged artery

that caused the heart attack, so nothing would have worked.


But he got his wish, never to get old and to go out with a bang.
He didn't suffer at all, and was in his prime

He will be Cremated at about 2pm on the 3rd of February UK time.


We're doing a concert for him in a few weeks, as he wouldn't have wanted a funeral, he never liked funerals. This will be in Llandovery for all those who knew him around here, as they knew him for his music more so than the Taiji. But of course any close personal students of his are welcome to come to that as well.

I'll be doing a special training session on the Sunday of my March Camp, the 13th, for everyone who can make it. And each seminar and camp this year will be for him, I'll be taking all his classes. Including the  USA seminar and Summer camp. So that way everyone should have a chance to join in and say a big thank you to him.


Dad was the closest person in the world to me, as you all know.

Up until February 2010 I lived with him, and trained with him nearly every day, and even after I moved into my own house I still saw him for two or three days a week. And traveled with him to every workshop he did.

We're all staying strong and getting on with life, Kathleen handed me his favorite jacket just before I left to go to teach the other day, we all broke down. It's mine to wear for him now, as his footsteps will continue in me now. I'll never fill his shoes, as he's always had bigger feet than me, so the Jacket it is! It's the big bear like jacket that we use to hide in when he'd give us a hug when we were kids.
I will never try to be Dad, but to just be me, and take on what he's left to me.
With Ben at my side, and the help of my family and fellow instructors.


There has been some talk about what will happen to the WTBA now he's gone.

I know I am only 24 years old, and would never make a claim to be of the same level as dad, or call myself a master etc. But he had already announced me as World leader of the WTBA, so it's been run under me for the past year already, and I will keep it running as the great organization he founded.


I am so glad to have had all the time I have with him, a lot of people just see a young kid and say "he's too young to lead an organization!" But I have grown up with Dad, spending nearly every day of my life with him.
His teachings will live on in me as he wanted. And his spirit in all of his children.


I don't claim to know it all, but I do believe I have it all, somewhere in me, left there by Dad,  I feel like he gave me everything I needed, he couldn't have taught me anymore than he did.


I'm very lucky, as it was only with in the last year that I no longer felt the need to say "I'm not sure I'll ask Dad"


As you know, we've never been into formality, I never had any grading from Dad, he just said to me last year before I went to teach in Canada, "Be confident my sonny, you know as much as me now in what we teach"

I don't feel like I know everything, but took that as meaning I know everything I need to figure it out for myself now. Just didn't think I'd actually have to so soon.



Thank you to everyone for all your words, and thanks to all the WTBA instructors who have given their support to me in running the WTBA.

Cremation 2pm, 3rd of February. This is only for family.
Concert will be announced

First and main thank you training session to Dad at my March camp 2pm till 3pm on the 13th, then those attending camp will continue with course.

I look forward to seeing everyone at some point in the year at one of the workshops.

There will be a special moment at every workshop and camp to say thank you to Dad.
Everyone can say this in there own way, but for me it will be for everyone to go through the YLC form together. Then to beat the shit out of some bags! And then each other in Push Hands!

Dad and my closest moments were in beating the shit out of each other!



Love to all...

Eli Montaigue
(Head of the WTBA)



Please pass this on so that all who knew Dad read it