Dad taught me to be a strong man, but on nights like tonight I wish I was a little boy again, cause then he’d still be here, for me to curl up in his jacket. Tonight I’m at home by myself, I don’t have someone here to hold my head while I cry, so instead I’ll write a little story to my friends.

One day at a Tai Chi camp, when I was about 8, all the other kids were playing cricket, I went over to play, but they wouldn’t let me cause they’d already started the game, I said could I just have a few hits of the ball, but they said no.

Most of them were older than me, and they were not being nice, so I got very upset and walked away.

Dad saw that I was sitting by myself, and came over to me. I told him what happened. He gave me a big hug and said, “well if you can’t play with them, then you can do something that they’re not allowed to do!” We were brought up very healthy vegans, so at camps it was all about health, so during the camp none of the kids got any junk food, and had to eat really good stuff like vegetables etc. Cheese was one of the biggest no no’s! So he went into the kitchen and came back with this big chunk of cheese! And gave it to me. He Mad me laugh, and I was happy I was his little Eli Shmeli. So there’s a little Story that know one’s ever heard before about me and my Dad.

It’s good to stand up for yourself and be strong. But always remember that it’s ok to sometimes need someone else to tell you it will all be ok, to stand up for you, and make you feel safe. Crying is not a weakness, it releases emotion from your heart, that makes you know how to love, and love makes you stronger than anything!


The little boy that wants his Dad will always be there. But that’s ok because he raised me to be a strong man, taught me how to love. And because of that love, I know that he’s still there, all around me in everything that I do.


I mean how the hell did I end up playing the drums for a bunch of gorgeous half naked dancing girls every week!!!!

hahahahah Thanks Dad!!!!!


See now that’s made me feel much better for writing that!

Right got Belly dancing tomorrow night, taiji in the week then off to France for a workshop over the weekend! Bring it on!!!!!



Mum Dad Kathleen Ben and Me, at Mt Burrel Farm 1992Mum Dad Kathleen Ben and Me, at Mt Burrel Farm 1992