Good Health does require some changes to life-style and a little will power! Much bad health and disease is often caused by an imbalance of acid and alkaline in your body, (yin and yang). This can be reversed by following a strict regime as follows. Begin by hydrating the body with alkaline substance. Each morning and late afternoon, drink at least one pint of 'green drink'. You juice the leaves of any green vegetables such as lettuce, celery and cucumber (the whole vegetable in this case) and if you can grow some wheat grass, even better. To grow wheat grass just get some organic wheat or spelt grain and put it in a tray on top of some organic potting mixture and water it every day. one week and you can begin to harvest and juice it. Give up all coffee and tea, give up all meat products and dairy, give up all salt and sugar. Do not eat anything else other than cold climate fruit until at least lunch time. Give up ALL fermented products such as wine all spirits and vinegar etc. And all yeast products such as bread, give up all gluten products, those that contain wheat, rye, barley and oats. If you follow this your problem will not have an environment which to live.




Green Drink. A good munching juicer not centrifuigal! Celery, Lettuce, Cucumber and any other green stuff but not spinach!


Then take two tablespoons of flax seed and two of Quinoa seeds and two of sesame seeds and do them in a coffee grinder. And put an extra tablespoon of whole flax seed into the bowl with the crushed stuff. Add some hot water and honey and stir into a porridge.


Lunch: Perhaps some tofu (only a little) and some salad veg such as onion, tomato, celery cucumber, lettuce etc.


Evening, some mroe green drink first, then perhaps some baked tofu with some tomato paste on it. No salt only a little pepper if you like, And some backed veg such as aubergine (egg plant) Zuccinis, onion, bell peppers. Do them in pure olive oil.


There you have it.,