Foundation camp magic....

Wow. I have to say thank you to all those who came to October camp 2011.

For me this was the most amazing camp ever, some really special things happened.

We trained about 7 hours per day, starting with standing Qigong, then going through the form, then some kicking practice and Small San-Sau, Lu-chan basic form learning, and ending with more standing Qigong and going through the Lu-chan form.

By the last morning it was a 45 minute Qigong! Well done for everyone achieving that!

It put such a smile on my face feeling everyone’s energy during the morning and evening Qigong.

Correcting peoples stances becomes like art work, each person requiring their own stance.

And when I find that place for each person where I can see from their energy that they’re in a balanced stance, and the shaking starts,

it’s such a good feeling.

There was a lot of love at this camp, there is at all WTBA camps, but this one was special.

The mixture of people, and the training we did, to me it felt like one big family.

On the Saturday night, I took everyone through a 40 minute Qigong, towards the end this was the most energy I’ve ever felt in a room.

After helping everyone through it, I joined in for the last few minutes. As soon as I sunk down, I felt like I’d been there for an hour, I had already built up so much Qi from everyone else.

Then we did the full Lu-chan form together. Wow, that was one of the most intense forms I‘ve ever done!

And when I turned around everyone looked stoned. And very emotional, just at the amazement of how much Qi and love was in the room.

We all just Wondered about the hall for a bit feeling. I went and gave Ben Weiss I hug, he looked like he was going to cry from happiness.

Then I started to loose it, with all the love and emotion going around. During that form, I had so many things happen to me, by where I felt in myself what I use to feel and see from Dad doing his form. I felt such a strong presence of him there with me.

I went and fell into Monica and Kathleen’s arms for a hug, and then broke down.

Manny then came and told me how proud Dad would be of me, and I lost it again.

Then Lars-Erik walk back through the door from outside.

Lars is my best mate in the world, and has that big bear hug like the ones Dad use to give me.

He asked if I was ok, as I had pulled it together by this point. I mumbled something and just completely collapsed, he caught me and held me up as I cried my heart out. He is one of only two people who can give me that feeling that Dad did, complete love and protection. The love I get from others is amazing too. But the love I felt from my Dad was that of complete safeness, like nothing could touch me, as I knew that he would stand in the way of anything that tried to hurt me.

I like to think that I can offer that to my Mum and little sister, and others that feel close to me. Because I would fuck shit up if anything tried to hurt them.

And from what Dad has given me, though I’m not that big physically, I feel his power in me, and feel strong emotionally to push forward and be there for others in need. But then there are times when it all just gets to much, and I feel like a little boy who needs his Dad.

And that’s when a big hug from Lars does it’s job. I feel safe again. Thanks mate.

It was so lovely at camp, I felt completely comfortable crying in front of all the students. Thank you all for being such wonderful people.

Felt so good afterwards, crying is the best Qigong!


Sunday was party night! After dinner we got some music cranking, put out party food and drinks, and danced the night away!

With some good push hands in there too! Good solid stuff with plenty of smacks in the face!

I had the most amazing night. Everyone seem to have so much fun.

Then me Ben and Ben Weiss got the live music on the go with some awesome jamming! Massimo then came in to do his thing as well, and sang some songs. Stayed up till 12, did every night actually, whether it be training, music or just talking random crap in a circle. Some classic conversations went down at meal times!

After most people had gone to bed, Me Monica Kathleen and Ben Weiss went into the hall and did the Taiji form completely naked. There was nothing purvey about it, a few people walked past and were a little shocked. But we were just doing it for the beauty of natural and loose it is to do.

I probably taught less stuff at this camp than any other, and people learnt more than ever! Getting the foundations right is what it’s all about!

So make sure you get to the next one! March 2012!

I don’t think the injuries were as good as last time, just a pair of bruised knees and a bit of carpet burn on a big toe.

So apart from that everyone must be getting better control! Sometime you just get to excited and and can’t help it. And if you’re really going for it you often don’t realise till after you stop. These are the best kind, as it really proves that you have switched off your mind and let your body take over!

The goal of everything we do.

So long as you don’t go home with anything really bad like dislocated fingers, (sorry Wally) Or a torn hamstring, (sorry Colin) Or a smashed nose (I forgive you lars) Then it’s all good!