Official W.T.B.A. Grading Syllabus

To the right you will see the different grading syllabuses, for students, and for instructors.

Please note: Once you are moving through the instructor grades, these should be your main focus, however other training methods etc that are not in the test for each grade, may help you learn something you're not understanding, so don't disregard things that are not in the grades, the grades are based on the fundamental forms and training methods only.  

A student only has to go through the grading if they wish to work towards their Instructors degree, otherwise they do not need to take grades, but still can if they wish as a way of seeing how they are doing. 

Student Grading: 
Can be carried out by any wtba certified instructor of grade 1 or higher.

Instructor Grade 1: 
Can be carried out by a WTBA instructor of Grade 5 or higher.

Instructor Grades 2-5: 

Can be carried out by WTBA instructors with Masters Degree,
however, the student must have met and trained with Eli in person to be graded.

Instructor Grades 6+:

Are only carried out by Eli Montaigue

All grades must be signed and certified by Eli Montaigue:

In most cases you will be viewed during class time, your teacher will simply take note of your ability during class, and then contact Eli to have the grade issued. 

When this is not possible, 
a small fee may be charged to cover your instructors time for the grading.

There is no fee for the issuing of a grade, however you do need to be an "Active Member"
Which costs just £10 per year.

Ask your instructor about grading, or contact Eli

Student Grades

Instructor Grades