Live Bagua Online Course
Live Bagua Online Course

Live Bagua Online Course

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Learn the Bagua Circular form in a live follow along online setting. 

This course is all about making you feel like you're in a class with Eli. 
To compare it to his MTG videos on the same subject, it's more about flowing through the form in different ways, where is the MTG's are more about giving all the technical details, where you have to watch a section then go and practice on your own, where is with this course you simply have to follow the class and you get all your training done. 
Different information is given is given in the course, of course some stuff will overlap, but you find you will learn a lot of different stuff from the course compared to the MTG's. 
The benefit of this is that as you do your training you are getting guidance all the way through to make sure you're not making too many mistakes. 

One is not better than the other just different, if you are a beginner wanting to try Bagua out, then we recommend this course over the MTG set, but the best thing is to have both as they are made to compliment each other. 

If you are unsure, you can always buy the first class of the course for only £1, if you don't like it then you've only lost £1. 
The first 6 lessons of the MTG's are available to view for free here
So you can try everything out and see what suits you better. 

The other difference is that this course is fresh and new, Eli has been training much longer now and has further insights to share, as well as his own personal movement being more developed.

The technical stuff now. 
The course will run for four weeks starting Monday May the 4th be with you. If you want to join us live you'll need to start on that date, but you can start at a later date and watch the recorded sessions. 
There will be three classes per week for one hour each, they will stream live at 9:30am Malta time on Monday Wednesday and Friday, then each class will also be uploaded in HD for viewing at a time that suits you. Each class will be available for one week, so you will have plenty of time to watch. 
The full course will be 12 classes. 

You have the option to buy the full course, or one week at a time, or one class at a time, so those of you who might not be able to find time for three classes per week you can pay per class and take them at a time that suits you.

Those who buy the full course also have the option to get the full 9 volume MTG video set of Bagua complete basics worth £63 at a discounted rate of only £30.
This includes Bagua Standing Qigong, Circle Walking and the full Circular Form. These are sold as MP4 Downloads you get to keep. 

The course and the MTG videos are made to complement each other, you don't absolutely need both, if you're just trying Bagua out for a bit of fun then just get follow the course, but if you are more serious about your training then getting the MTG's as well will be of great benefit for you.  

  • Level: Beginner to Intermediate.
  • Run Time: Approx 1 hour per class (But Eli often goes overtime, first class was 1h40m)
  • Media Type: YouTube Streaming. 

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