Live Guided Flow Practice. Morning & Evening.
Live Guided Flow Practice. Morning & Evening.

Live Guided Flow Practice. Morning & Evening.

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Please note, there will be no classes on July 24th & 31st, plus August 14th. 

These classes run every Wednesday at 7am and 7pm Central European Standard Time. 

Here is a free taster class to try
If you purchase a class, by default you'll be sent the next next, but if say for example it's Wednesday afternoon, and you want to get the class that happened that morning, you can specify that in the order note. 

The class will also be recorded, in case you miss the live class or are in a different time zone, students will have one week to view the recorded class. 

You will receive a link to the live class around 10 minutes before class starts. You will then get another link later for the recording of that class. 

Please make sure you purchase at least 30 minutes before class starts, preferably at least  the day before though. 

Make sure you get your zoom set up, once you're in the class, make sure you click on the view tab and make sure it is set to gallery, then you can pin Eli's screen to make him stay as the full screen. 

The idea is to have a regular live connection with Eli, where you do your morning practice together. If you have any questions before class starts you can ask, then when class starts you will simply follow Eli through the practice, we then finish with a few questions answered by Eli. 

There is no set thing we practice, Eli does what he feels on the day. Generally this will include some Qigong, Taiji Form, sometimes some Small San Sau.
The morning class tents to have a bit more of a get up and go feel to start your day, where is the evening class is about winding down. 

Practicing on your own is great, but it's also really nice to pick on the energy of your teacher while practicing, to give you motivation and further your knowledge. 

It's a flow through training session. Eli will guide you through each area of training, both visually and verbally, pointing out some important things to focus on as you go through. At the end of the class Eli will answer some questions, so you should get a nice sense of interaction compared to a pre recorded video. 

There is some instruction, for example, usually at the beginning Eli will explain what things we're going to focus on during the form, then he'll call out those things as we flow through. 

  • Run Time: Approx 60 mins
  • Level: All
  • Media Type: Live Zoom Call and Stream for the next week.