MTG107 Qi Disruption Vol One. (Penetration Form)
MTG107 Qi Disruption Vol One. (Penetration Form)

MTG107 Qi Disruption Vol One. (Penetration Form)

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The first of 12 forms. The Wudang shan Qi Disruptive Forms
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In the martial arts area, this is another exciting area. Just a swish of a hand, not even touching the opponent will cause him to become weak or even have to sit down! Follow this with the appropriate dim-mak strike and you have the most devastating part of your martial art ever. Demonstrations are given on people who were before having it done skeptical and who do not >play the game' etc. The first of the original Wudang shan Qi Disruptive' katas or forms is given.

This is the first time that any of the nine >secret methods' has been published. Each kata uses one of only nine Qi disruptive methods. The nine methods are also shown, with their healing as well as their tests'. NB// Erle Montaigue is the first person to ever document this amazing area, in fact he is the only westerner to ever be taught this method from Wudang Shan.

  • Level: Intermediate
  • Run Time: Approx 90 mins
  • Media Type: MP4 Download