MTG168 Erle Montaigue Does It Vol. 1
MTG168 Erle Montaigue Does It Vol. 1

MTG168 Erle Montaigue Does It Vol. 1

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This tape is simply Erle Montaigue doing his early morning training at his own level. This is important as it gives an idea as to the future of your own training. You have in your mind's eye what the form looks like at such an advanced stage of 'Small Frame Form".

So when it comes your time to advance naturally with the Qi telling you what to do, you will not resist this as you have already seen it. You should not of course attempt to learn physically from this series as to do so would be not constructive at all! It just gives you a picture of what comes at some later stage. You MUST crawl before you can walk.

On this first volume, Erle practices on his own with a static camera set up on its own, with one single view and performs the Yang Lu-ch'an's form at the Small Frame Level, plus the first seven Qi Disruptive Katas, done at their explosive pace. Again, it is impossible to learn the physical movements from these tapes, but essential to see it done.

  • Level: For All
  • Run Time: 43 Mins
  • Media Type: MP4 Download