MTG2 Yang Lu-chan's form
MTG2 Yang Lu-chan's form

MTG2 Yang Lu-chan's form

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With explosive movements and leaping kicks, this is the original tai chi form
Part Number: MTG2

Please note: This title has been replaced by MTG404-408. 
A much more comprehensive video set. You will learn the form far better from these. 
But will still offer the original title filmed back in the 80's for those who wish to see it. 

This video teaches the Old Yang Style of Yang Lu-Ch'an. This is the Yang style before it was changed by Yang Cheng-fu to what we know today. The movements are not all slow. There are fa-jing (explosive energy) movements all through this form. It is quite energetic with leaping kicks and explosive punches.

This style was taught to Erle Montaigue by Chang Yiu-chun, one of the main students of Yang Shou-hou, the Brother of Yang Cheng-fu. Shou-hou did not change his grandfather's style. This video, because it is quite long does not include the basic qigong. It teaches both the martial art of Taijiquan and the healing art.

  • Run Time: Approx 120 mins
  • Level: Beginner
  • Media Type: MP4 Download