MTG204 Qi Disruption Kata No. 12, Vol 1 (Finishing Form)
MTG204 Qi Disruption Kata No. 12, Vol 1 (Finishing Form)

MTG204 Qi Disruption Kata No. 12, Vol 1 (Finishing Form)

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Wudang Form (Qi Disruptive Form) No. 12 is the last in the series and is called "Finishing Form" as it completes the set. This form is the epitome of the Chinese way of integrating healing into the fighting methods. It is an excellent way to lose weight, to keep a youthful appearance and to keep one's Life-force at a high level. It works upon the Kidney Jing both physically and internally.

This form is both physical and internal in that the movements are not easy to perform with many of the very low movements not unlike some of the Shaolin forms. This works upon the Kidneys, Liver and Spleen. In fact, there are 12 main parts to this form with each part working upon a main meridian. There are more than 12 movements but all are either one of the 12 main movements or derivations of them.

There is quite a potent Qigong method again in this form which also works directly upon the tantien balancing out effectively the amount of Yin and Yang energy. By the time the masters of old got to working out this form, they were beginning to understand exactly how movement and internal Qi movement worked hand-in-hand so this form more-so than any others is closer to what we now know to be Taijiquan.

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