MTG218 Wudang Hand Weapons Vol 2
MTG218 Wudang Hand Weapons Vol 2

MTG218 Wudang Hand Weapons Vol 2

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As all of the Internal forms and fighting styles came from the WUDANG SHAN system's 12 Wudang forms, so too do the two person sets from Taijiquan and Baguazhang come from the 12 Wudang Hand Weapon training sets. Before push hands, there were the 12 Wudang Hand Weapons. There are the precursors to push hands. Not the silly 'you push me, I push you' type of push hands that most schools now teach and often go into competition with! But rather the excellent p'eng/hinge, fighting push hands methods of today and the Erle Montaigue system. These 12 two person training methods teach you everything you need to know in order to turn your fighting into reflexive actions that will just happen automatically when attacked. If anyone asks me about what training methods I advise to learn how to fight, I tell them the 12 Wudang methods, along with most of the other stuff, but these are really special.

They teach you fa-jing, how to use it, instant reaction, never stop attacking, how to move the body in a flowing energy saving manner, deadly fighting methods which attack to the most vulnerable points on the body, how to move in accordance with what the opponent is doing to you. How to do the most damage in the least possible time with the least wastage of energy. The hands are used in the way of their name. So the 'Spear' is used to cut and stab etc. In this first volume, Erle Montaigue covers in his usual great detail, the first six hand weapons of:

COMBINE HAND: This one combines many aspects of the first six methods and teaches us about instant attack and defense in any given situation.

DART HAND: This method teaches us about the use of very quick hands in continually striking with different methods. One hand strikes as the other one controls etc., just like the Chinese weapon called the 'dart'.

DRILLING HAND: This method teaches us about one of the most important methods of attack using drilling methods.

SHOVEL or SPADE HAND: This one makes use of the flats of the palms for attack and defense as you would if you were using a shovel!

DOUBLE BLADE HAND: This one uses the palms as if they were two blades in attack and defense. A very devastating method of self-defense also!

STUMP PULLER HAND: This one has a lot of pushing (jerking) and pulling movements which work upon joints to dislocate them along with the more devastating dim-mak strikes.

  • Level: Intermediate
  • Run Time: Approx 60 mins
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