MTG237 Baguazhang Deer Horn Knives. Vol 1
MTG237 Baguazhang Deer Horn Knives. Vol 1

MTG237 Baguazhang Deer Horn Knives. Vol 1

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Probably the most deadly and useful short weapons ever invented. With five cutting edges, and four points, you can use this weapon against any long metal or wooden weapon such as broadsword, sword, spear etc. The form is excellent for health as it gives your whole body a great workout along with toning up your Kidney Jing (life-force). Every conceivable strike, block and attack is covered using the multi faceted weapon. It will be produced definitely early in 2003.

It is often called "Double Moon Knives" or "Mandarin Duck Knives" or "Elk Horn Knives". The form is performed around the circumference (for the most part) of a circle as for the Bagua circular form and it comes in 8 sections as well. Many of the posture names are the same as in the circular empty hand form, however, this weapon form is very much different and not just using a weapon with the Bagua form etc. Every organ in your body is toned up especially the heart and lungs, liver and kidneys. The wrists become particularly powerful and your flexibility is also improved. NB:// VOL. 1 contains a complete demonstration done at full speed.

  • Level: Intermediate
  • Run Time: Approx 60 mins
  • Media Type: MP4 Download