MTG247 Wudang Short Stick Vol 1
MTG247 Wudang Short Stick Vol 1

MTG247 Wudang Short Stick Vol 1

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This 4 part series covers the rare Wudang stick fighting method using a short stick somewhat like the Arnis type of stick. Only one stick is used and is aimed at an edged weapon such as a knife attack. There are 12 training drills covering every conceivable type of knife attack using the stick to defend against it. Your partner also uses a stick as we strike his stick which represents his forearm or wrist.

Possibly the easiest of all weapons to use is the short stick as you can usually get one from somewhere. The drills begin simple and continue with ever increasing complicated and longer drills until the twelve are finished. On this volume one, the first four methods are taught.

The first 6 methods are equal partner drills, akin to the Large San Sau.
Meaning you both have attack and defence movements. So I attack you, you defend then re attack, then I defend and re attack etc etc. 
These can be seen as teaching you how to move when the other guy is also very good with a stick, meaning he defends your attacks.
The second 6 however are different, here we have just one attacking movement from your partner, you defend and carry on with several attacking movements on your partner, kind of like what you would see in most of the Wudang Hand Weapon drills. 
Some also deal with two attackers, so as you are attacking partner A, partner B comes in with a strike and you have to deal with that. 

So in a nut shell, the first 6 are for training both people, the second 6 has one person doing the form, with another one or two people just doing simple attacks. 

  • Level: Advanced
  • Run Time: Approx 60 mins
  • Media Type: MP4 Download