MTG37 Dim-Mak Intricacies Vol. 3
MTG37 Dim-Mak Intricacies Vol. 3

MTG37 Dim-Mak Intricacies Vol. 3

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How the 'large San-Sau' should be done at its quickest pace. How to use GB 22 is a knock out and drain energy
Part Number: MTG37

This is the follow on from No. MTG36. Contains some very useful information on using Dim-Mak and the training methods used to gain dim-mak. Also more multiple strikes & their effects. At the beginning of this tape, Erle Montaigue shows how the 'large San-Sau' with a partner should be done at its quickest pace, even though the dogs do try to attack the student performing with Erle! A great training method from Baguazhang involving the Dim-Mak point called GB 22 is shown. GB 22 is a knock out and Qi drainage point and this training method teaches how to get at this dangerous point.

A training method form 'Xingyi' which involves the open and closed sides training and the foot slapping method. Called the "4 Striking Method". This could also come from the postures from Taiji called "Sit back ready". It teaches fa-jing and there are four methods. Each of the four methods follow each other in a solo training routine as well as putting the whole ting together with a partner. Points shown are GB 14, PC 6, CV 22, GV 26, TH 17, SI 17.

Attack/Defense training is one of the best ways to learn about 'Street Fighting' and some really good methods are included here. training against kicks is also shown using this method. ST 9 is the main point taught here. Also shown are some really sneaking attacking methods that will have you at the advantage. Eagle Vision training is taught which is an excellent way for the novice (someone not versed in the Montaigue System) to get into this way of fighting. Here we use striking to our partner as he or she moves all over the place. We must not however, see with our focus vision. Bagwa circle fighting training is also shown on this tape.

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  • Run Time: Approx 103 mins
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