MTG387 Small Frame Large San-Sau Vol. 1
MTG387 Small Frame Large San-Sau Vol. 1

MTG387 Small Frame Large San-Sau Vol. 1

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Filmed at Erle Montaigue's Summer Camp 2010, this series takes your two person set of Large San-Sau to the highest level of "Small Frame". The whole camp's theme was "Small Frame", allowing students to see and participate and learn the highest levels of just about everything. Even if a student is not ready for this level of learning, it is always important to see their teacher doing the highest level so that their inner mind knows what is to come.

Large San-Sau teaches us "how" to move in a self defence situation. It teaches us to move as the attack is beginning to be launched. It gives us a "reflexive" mind that will move the body immediately upon his attack being thrown at us. Also covered is a small section on Small Frame Push Hands which is also relevant to San-Sau. Small Frame is where Tai Chi ch'uan and Baguazhang come to their pinnacle. This is where it all ends and what we have been working toward for many years. Once learnt, "Small Frame" methods will then grown into everything you do an give you real self defence!

Please note: This video only covers a small part of the form, as Erle did not get around to filming the rest before he died 6 months after this was filmed.

  • Level: Advanced
  • Run Time: Approx 60 mins
  • Media Type: MP4 Download