MTG392 Qi Development Tools Vol 7 (Gaining heavy Hands)
MTG392 Qi Development Tools Vol 7 (Gaining heavy Hands)

MTG392 Qi Development Tools Vol 7 (Gaining heavy Hands)

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This Volume teaches an excellent area of the 12 Qi Development Tools. The area of gaining very powerful strikes from a very short distance. Even a small person is able to gain the power from only one inch away from the target and that's where real fighting happens. If you take someone's arm, rip it off and hit someone with it, you could kill them as an arm is a very heavy object. However, most martial artists never realize their full potential in that they will use adverse muscle groups to make their arms "light".

Here is where the 12 Qi Development tools come into play. Each of them teaches at a sub-conscious level, a different striking method, causing the attacking arm to remain heavy. The first Qigong Tool "HEART" teaches us how to keep the heavy hands during the normal Tai Chi fist. As soon as you THINK about striking someone, you have lost it and you will lose this ability. So the "SUNG" State gained from each of the 12 methods gives you this ability to not telegraph the attack and to not THINK before or AS you strike. Each of the 12 Qi Development Tools is shown once only as this is not a DVD to actually TEACH the 12 as that is already covered in previous volumes. But the "Heavy Hands" or putting the WEIGHT in to your hands and arms is taught for each method. Some very useful SELF DEFENCE Methods are also taught in this volume and with more ideas and methods of fighting. This volume covers the last 8 methods and carries on from MTG 391

  • Level: Advanced
  • Run Time: Approx 60 mins
  • Media Type: MP4 Download