MTG396 Tai Tai Chi: Fighting & Healing
MTG396 Tai Tai Chi: Fighting & Healing

MTG396 Tai Tai Chi: Fighting & Healing

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This is the last lesson from Erle, 1949-2011.

At its highest levels, that of the "Small Frame" form, Tai Chi is a very potent healing method as well as self defence. Here, Erle Montaigue takes some of the pos-tures and sets of postures from the Yang Lu-ch'an old form and shows how to use them to heal the body and the internal Qi flow. He shows why for instance "Snake Creesp Down" is called that! Not because your left hand is like a snake creeping down your leg but because of the way the left palm moves in an S shape "like a snake".

This movement not only sets up very potent dim-mak strikes but also sets up the backbone so that the maximum amount of energy is available for healing or fighting. Every move we make in Tai Chi albeit so slight, means something and what the hands do at the advanced levels causes minute energy changes in the body. Erle shows that although we do movements in the form that would never be used in fighting, these same movements are some of the most potent self defence methods when used at their small frame level. We are having a lot of success with people who are practicing just these methods even though they may not even know all of the Tai Chi form yet. Erle has an article on his website on the about.

  • Level: Advanced
  • Run Time: Approx 60 mins
  • Media Type: MP4 Download