MTG398 The Official Bootleg
MTG398 The Official Bootleg

MTG398 The Official Bootleg

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Here Moontagu Books and Videos presents Erle Montaigue's Instructor Training Sessions as they happened.

This is a rare and unique insight into how Erle taught and trained his Senior Instructors and students at his monthly weekend classes in Llangadog, Wales and Leicestershire.

From the initial warm ups to the various training methods, using empty hands and weapons, as well as forms - this video is a must for all serious students of The Erle Montaigue System of Fighting and Healing.

This tape covers an eclectic mixture of training methods from Bagua and Taiji to develop striking power, correct body mechanics, co-ordination, distance and timing skills. Also included is the complete Wudang Qi Disruptive Form No. 4 - The Spiral Form.

Please Note that this DVD is intended to be used as an insight to the way Erle taught and due to the way it was filmed in the class (as things happened), the quality of the sound and video is not as high as our other DVD titles. Some of the content on this DVD will also overlap some of our other titles but from a different view and perspective.

  • Level: Advanced
  • Run Time: Approx 60 mins
  • Media Type: MP4 Download