MTG4 The 1985 original video on Bagua
MTG4 The 1985 original video on Bagua

MTG4 The 1985 original video on Bagua

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Learn the complete basic system of Baguazhang, Including. Circular form, Explosive linear form and pushing hands.
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This video is the first video ever done on Bagua by Erle back in 1985. 
Although there is some great information on this one, everything is taught in a very fast manor with out much detail, so it has now been replaced with the new Bagua Complete Basics Series 
You might like to get this one out of interest, but for those wanting to learn the Bagua system from the beginning you should go with the new series.

This Video teaches the complete basic system of Baguazhang including the classical circular form as well as the more explosive linear fighting form and pushing hands. Also included are fighting techniques as well as both of the forms done at full speed non stop at the end of the program. This is one of the more beautiful martial arts, and also the most deadly. It has an amazing healing affect as well. Most of the old. Bagwa Masters all lived to grand old ages and in good health. Again, if you are not really that well of fit, do not begin with this martial art as it requires much twisting and turning of the waist. This is the basic tape. 

The 'Linear' form is the longest form or kata of any martial art. If you can get through the circular and the linear form every morning then your health will greatly improve as will your fitness. This system will give you a more natural way of moving in your own martial art, giving more power for less energy used. Strike with devastating palm strikes from only a few inches away and still have knock out power. Baguazhang is a Dim-Mak art in that it only strikes to vital points on the human body to cause either great pain or death. It is also used however, as a great healing art either for self-healing or the healing of others. The main form is performed around the circumference of a circle, the premise being that your attacker in the centre of this circle. You are continually moving your centre around the attacker and eventually your centre is locked onto his so that whatever he does, you will react instantly without thinking because his Qi causes you to react in exactly the correct manner.

  • Run Time: Approx 120 mins
  • Level: Beginner
  • Media Type: MP4 Download