MTG404 Yang Lu-Ch'an's Taiji form (Basic Level) Vol 1
MTG404 Yang Lu-Ch'an's Taiji form (Basic Level) Vol 1

MTG404 Yang Lu-Ch'an's Taiji form (Basic Level) Vol 1

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It is advised to learn some ground work in preparations to Taiji before learning this form. 
MTG448 & MTG449

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This is the original Yang Style Taiji form of Founder Yang Lu-Ch'an. This is where is the modern Tai Chi forms come from. The Old Yang Style form as we call it, is still a slow moving form like the modern ones, but unlike them, it still has real martial qualities. With many explosive Fa-jing movements, as well as leaping kicks for your fitness.

This style was taught to Erle Montaigue by Chang Yiu-chun, one of the main students of Yang Shou-hou, the Brother of Yang Cheng-fu. Shou-hou did not change his grandfather's style. Keeping the marital qualities and explosive movements. Unlike Cheng-fu who changed the form to be all slow moving, making it better for older or less fit people to learn.

This form is the mother of everything we do in Taiji, and has a good balance of Yin and Yang, both in the internal flow of Qi, and the physical movements of the form. This series of DVD's replaces MTG 2, covering every aspect of the basic form, covering about 16 hours of teaching over 5 Volumes. Compared to just 2 hours on MTG 2. If you want to get it right, this is the series to get.

This volume covers the first third of the form, showing applications, and Eli does the third through at the basic level with out stopping

  • Level: Beginner
  • Run Time: 285 Mins
  • Media Type: MP4 Download