MTG409 The Wu-Dang Hand Weapons Volume 1
MTG409 The Wu-Dang Hand Weapons Volume 1

MTG409 The Wu-Dang Hand Weapons Volume 1

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As all of the Internal forms and fighting styles came from the WUDANG SHAN system's 12 Wudang forms, so too do the two person sets from Taijiquan and Baguazhang come from the 12 Wudang Hand Weapon training sets. Before push hands, there were the 12 Wudang Hand Weapons. There are the precursors to push hands. These 12 two person training methods teach you everything you need to know in order to turn your fighting into reflexive actions that will just happen automatically when attacked. If anyone asks me about what training methods I advise to learn how to fight, I tell them the 12 Wudang methods, along with most of the other stuff, but these are really special.

They teach you fa-jing, how to use it, instant reaction, never stop attacking, how to move the body in a flowing energy saving manner, deadly fighting methods which attack to the most vulnerable points on the body, how to move in accordance with what the opponent is doing to you. How to do the most damage in the least possible time with the least wastage of energy. The hands are used in the way of their name. So the 'Spear' is used to cut and stab etc. In this first volume, Eli Montaigue covers the first 6 methods

Hammer. Sword. Plough. Axe. Nun: The 'Nun' is a 3 section Chinese implement for thrashing wheat or rice

The new set by Eli covers 6 hours of teaching and demonstrating, with the help of Leigh Evans Eli's training partner. 
You are taught every minute detail of these methods, exactly where the weight should be, where the centre should be turning, and also Eli goes into detail on how to gain the power in all the strikes using mitts and a kick bag. 

There is a lot of info in these videos not shown on the old ones, so even if you have the old ones and you have been doing these methods for a while, these new videos will open things up to a whole new level! 

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As an added bonus, you get an extra bullet points video, a short video just briefly showing each method as a reference, so you can save it to your mobile and have it with you when teaching or training, not having to look through the full video to check a small detail. 

Also, when you buy these new videos, you get the old ones for free! 
Just so you can see things from yet another angle, also you get to see Eli learning them back when he was only 14. 

  • Level: Basic to Advanced
  • Run Time: Approx 209 mins
  • Media Type: MP4 Download