MTG414 Push Hands Complete Basics Vol: 4
MTG414 Push Hands Complete Basics Vol: 4

MTG414 Push Hands Complete Basics Vol: 4

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This is the much awaited replacement as requested by Erle to MTG 5.
Covering 6 hours of instruction over 4 volumes,  Eli breaks down both single and double push hands more than ever before to give the video learning student the best possible chance of learning. 
Until now there has not been a suitable video that can really teach someone how to do push hands, with out the aid of seeing a teacher in person.
Now with this new video series two people with no experience will be able to learn.  
This is Old Yang Style push hands as taught by Erle Montaigue, we use push hands to learn about self defence, not to be able to beat other people at doing push hands, as this is a useless skill, but rather take this training tool, and learn many fundamental principals of fighting.  

On this forth volume, Eli goes into reaction training from double push hands, still keeping to basics, but taking you out of the set pattern of pushing each other in the same way every time. Teaching you in detail the basic ways of changing hands and feet, as well as showing how to defend against things like heavy attacking pushes, or being pulled forward, as well as what to do when the push does not come to your centre. You are also taught the other tests, such as the walk through, and how to protect your elbows. 

Check out the preview here. 

  • Level: Advanced
  • Run Time: Approx 44 mins
  • Media Type: MP4 Download