MTG443 Taiji Large San Sau VOL:7
MTG443 Taiji Large San Sau VOL:7

MTG443 Taiji Large San Sau VOL:7

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Taiji Old Yang Style Large San Sau/Pauchui.

This is volume 7 of 7 and covers further details of the partner form.
This volume continues from volume 6 in the same manner. 
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This video series teaches the little known Pauchui or cannon fist form from the Yang Lu-Ch'an style of T'ai Chi Ch'uan. Also known as the Large San Sau. 
This form also comes from the Yang Shou-hou side of the family and so it is more martial. The whole form is explosive and is quite energetic, but like everything in Taiji it can and should also be done slowly. 
The form is learnt as a solo form in two parts, A and B, which can then be put together with a partner to create a choreographed set of flowing applications. 
The form should not be seen as sparing, it's very different from that, sparing is a separate area of your Taiji training. 
This set is there to teach your body and mind a set of skills needed to learn how to use Taiji as a fighting art.
Aside from teaching you some great fighting techniques, timing, balance, coordination etc, this form is really all about teaching you how to harmonise with your opponent, to stay grounded under pressure, maintaining your soft Taiji structure and movement through out the set, staying in a neutral mind set, learning how to apply all the Taiji principles you've learnt, while under a lot more pressure, a great stepping stone into free fighting. 

Another great benefit of this set is the physical strength and conditioning you get from it, get this set up to speed with a partner, and you'll work every muscle in your body as well as your cardio. This is great for everyone, but in particular those who don't want to spar, maybe they don't want to take the risk or just don't like getting punched in the face, for those people this set is perfect, there is still chance of getting hit of course, but due to the fact it's a set pattern the risk is limited. 
So get all the body conditioning of fighting with out the risk, and or use the set to hone your Taiji principles which will compliment your free fighting/sparing. 

In the beginning the set is done slowly kind of like a dance, and over time the speed and power is taken up to full fighting level, even though it's still a set pattern of applications. 
This means that people who are more interested in the slower healing side of Taiji can still perform this set, there are some amazing benefits gained from practising it slowly, but those who do wish to get into the martial side of Taiji can over time bring it up to a fighting level. 

As usual Eli goes into the finest of details, so you should be able to get this working very well with only the video, of course there is no replacement for hands on training with a good teacher, but this is the next best thing. 

  • Level: Intermediate to Advanced. 
  • Run Time: 73min
  • Media Type: MP4 Download