MTG446 Bum Steers Vol:2
MTG446 Bum Steers Vol:2

MTG446 Bum Steers Vol:2

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 Erle Montaigue in my opinion (Eli's) was the greatest taiji teacher and practitioner I've ever seen, every day I train more in the hope that I could maybe come close to his level one day. 

But at the same time he was human, like anyone he was not perfect, and that is how he wanted to be remembered. Like we all do, especially me, we sometimes explain something incorrectly, causing people to be confused about how to do a posture, this is what we call a bum steer. 
A bum steer is what Erle use to say when he would accidentally give the wrong information, "Sorry guys I've given you a bit of a bum steer there, what I really meant was this" 
With something as complex as Taiji it's impossible to not make mistakes sometimes, Erle knew this, so he would point out in class or on his videos where he had made these errors, so the student would not be training incorrectly. 
However, there are of course several bum steers that he did not catch, so in honor of his humble nature, I have put down on video the ones he missed. 

Eli goes into great detail here, not just showing this is what Erle said but what he meant was this, Eli explains the principles behind why these things should be done a certain way. 
So if ever you've found certain moves in your Taiji to do not work very well, or they feel awkward and stiff, this video series will really help you out. 

This is probably the most highly recommended video that has come out in a long time. 
The information given on these videos will hugely improve your Taiji. 

On the first volume Eli goes over bum steers in the general principles of Taiji, these mostly relate to everything, then in volume two he covers specific postures of YLC's form, most of which will also apply to the YCF form as well

  • Level: Beginner/Advanced
  • Run Time: Approx 135 mins
  • Media Type: MP4 Download