MTG450 Preparations to Taiji Vol:3
MTG450 Preparations to Taiji Vol:3

MTG450 Preparations to Taiji Vol:3

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Vol:3 Push Hands. 

This video series has been put together by Eli, in an effort to help people to feel something from their training. 
When you first start Taiji it can be quite complicated just to get the basic coordination happening, then we have to put that coordination in with physically difficult leg movements, so everything becomes very much in the head, thinking about so many different things all at once, causing you to feel nothing from your training, only physical movement and confusion. 

So many people who have been practicing for many years still have many many problems with their Taiji, because they have only done the Taiji, meaning all principles are trying to be performed all together. 

So here in our preparations to Taiji we take some of the most important areas of training, single them out and get them right. 

In this third volume Eli covers some preliminary exercises for Push Hands. 
Two main things are covered, Peng and Arn. 
Peng is where we receive force from our training partner, the most important thing we have to learn here is not not try to move that incoming force, we have to absorb it, and or move around it. 
Eli show some training methods too help you to understand Peng in a much more simplified manor compared with trying to learn about it during push hands. 
He then goes onto Arn, the push. 
Again taking it out of push hands, so you don't have anything else to worry about, just learning and feeling Arn. 
Two main things are covered in these training methods, how to properly connect the body to issue the force, and how to find your partners centre, showing you how it only takes a tiny amount of pressure to the right area of the body to knock someone over. 

This is highly recommended for all students, even if you have been training for quite some time, as you will find that by coming back to basics like this will really enhance everything in your training. 

Also for instructors, even if maybe you don't need the training for yourself, it will be of great use to you during your classes to help your students to learn.

  • Level: Beginner.
  • Run Time: 90 min
  • Media Type: MP4 Download