MTG451 Bagua Lion San Sau
MTG451 Bagua Lion San Sau

MTG451 Bagua Lion San Sau

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The Baguazhang Lion San Sau.
The Lion is a beautifully fluent yet violent animal, and this form teaches you how to move in this way. 
If you like the Lion solo forms then you will love this partner form, it takes beautiful energy of the Lion and puts it to work in a flowing sequence of martial applications. 
A San Sau form should never be confused with sparing/free fighting, it is not meant to be that, it is a choreographed set of movements, an A side and a B side which when put against each other create form. 
Forms like this are designed to teach you about how to move with flow, power and relaxation, they are one of the stepping stones we take before free fighting, to teach us about the Bagua way of moving. 

Eli teaching first the solo A and B parts, then shows you how to put the two together, both solo and partner parts are also demoed all the way through. 

Eli learnt this form from his father Erle back in 2010.
Erle was going to teach it for the first time at one of his upcoming workshops, he had never taught this form publicly or to any of his other students, at least that's what he said. 
So this video is the first time the form has been seen outside the Montaigue Family, there may be other schools in China who still teach it, but from the Erle Montaigue line this is the first time it is being shown. 

  • Level: Intermediate
  • Run Time: 133 min Approx
  • Media Type: MP4 Download