MTG452 The Lost Video of Erle...
MTG452 The Lost Video of Erle...

MTG452 The Lost Video of Erle...

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This video was found in amongst a box a old master tapes, filmed back in 1995. 
We don't know why Erle never released it back then, seems as if he just forgot about it, as he was putting out a lot of videos at that time. 
So here it is now for you're viewing pleasure.

A little piece of history found...

The video covers Taiji form applications, I (Eli) think this was his first version of the 10000 fighting application videos he did about 20 years later. 
He starts off going through form applications from the first third, but then starts going into various sections of the form, not just showing an application of the posture, but showing training methods for how to gain this movement, various fighting principles are covered. 
Having watched it now myself, you will find some stuff on there that has been covered on other videos, but also some things which I don't think are on any other videos. 

Plus it's very nice to see some old footage of Erle doing his thing back in the day :-) 

  • Level: All
  • Run Time: 40min Approx
  • Media Type: MP4 Download