MTG453 Xingyiquan Drills
MTG453 Xingyiquan Drills

MTG453 Xingyiquan Drills

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The system of Xingyiquan is not part of the Erle Montaigue System, however Erle did pick up some really nice Xingyi drills from his time in China. 
He would often use them as warm up drills as they are very nice to get the energy of a class lifted. 
The main set of drills given on this video are called Waving Forms/Methods. They are short explosive and fluent drills each one associated with one of the five elements. 

The content of this video has been taken from Erle's old videos, from workshops where he would use these drills, so they have never had a video title of their own as they are not part of the system we teach. The videos this has been mad up of are MTG 18, 310, 317, 320, 328.
But for all those people out there who are curious about Xingyi and would like to see Erle's take on it, we have put together this video for you. 

Erle learnt these from Shao Shan Kan in China. 

I (Eli) Learnt these from Dad during his workshops as you'll see on the video, I found them to be great power building Qi awaking forms, plus sometimes it's nice to do a little something different than your main system training.

Please note as stated above this is not a video teaching Xingyi as a system, it is just showing the few random drills that Erle pick up while he was in China. 

  • Level: All.
  • Run Time: Approx 67 mins
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