MTG466, Bagua Circular, Bringing out the fire
MTG466, Bagua Circular, Bringing out the fire

MTG466, Bagua Circular, Bringing out the fire

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This set of videos is a continuation from the Circular Stillness, all still to do with finding the internal in your form, however this time is the polar opposite to the circular stillness, instead of making everything super soft and small to find that yin energy in the body, we now make everything bigger and more flexed to find the yang. 
On this first volume we look at most of the fundamental principles behind this way of the form, using the first palm change to do so. 
Explaining how to bring out that yang side of your energy, with the correct way to pulsate, flex and wave the activation of muscled through your body to wake up the energy. 
Also included in the Yang breathing method, this helps to make the body overall more yang, but mainly it causes you to go into the C Back movement to bring out that martial intent in your form. 

This way of the form, "bringing out the fire" is the most yang you can get with out performing Fa-jing, some Fa-jing is shown, but the main idea here is to find the yang without Fa-jing. 
The full Fa-jing way of the form comes later in the "Big Dragon" then the "Little Dragon"

A great addition to your Bagua practice. 
For most people it's recommended to study the stillness form first then this fire form, since you can get into trouble and cause a lot of tension if you do this one first before you find your softness. 
Also from a learning point of view there are many things from your stillness training that overlap into this form, they are however not all taught again, otherwise this set of videos would also be 5 volumes instead of just 3.
There are certain times it may be good for a very yin student to get straight into this form, but that should be on the advice of your teacher. 
If you think you need more yang, then you should at least study volume 1 of the stillness first. 

Downloadable in HD and a smaller SD file for use on Phones/Tablets, or if you just have low space on your computer. 

  • Level: Intermediate to Advanced. 
  • Run Time: Approx.  mins 107
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