MTG471 Warm Up Routine
MTG471 Warm Up Routine

MTG471 Warm Up Routine

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Part Number: MTG471

The WTBA official warm up routine. 

Using simple movements from Bagua, Taiji, Qigong and Yoga. 
The video includes a follow along 13 minute warm up, covering all aspects of movement, activating every muscle and opening ever joint, setting you up ready for any training session. 
Warm ups are not only to stop you pulling a muscle while training, they get the blood moving and energy flowing so that you will get more out of your practice. 

The movements are quite simple to follow along with, but to make sure you're doing it correctly, Eli has also given a detailed instruction of each movement at the end of the session. 

For those who find 13 minutes a bit long for a warm up, there are also two alternate versions as low as 8 minutes. 

This is a great video particularly for instructors wanting a good warm up to use in their classes. 

Downloadable in HD and a smaller SD file for use on Phones/Tablets, or if you just have low space on your computer. 

  • Level: All. 
  • Run Time: Approx.  mins 165
  • Media Type: MP4 Download HD or SD
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