MTG474, Bagua Circular, The Little Dragon V:1
MTG474, Bagua Circular, The Little Dragon V:1

MTG474, Bagua Circular, The Little Dragon V:1

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Bagua Circular form, the way of the little dragon. 

This video series carries on from the big dragon. 
Like the big dragon way, the little dragon is fully explosive and martial, no longer doing the postures to create a stretch for example, every posture is done as it would be done in a fighting situation. 
The difference compared with the big dragon, is that it's little ;-) 
Meaning everything is done small frame. If you know anything about fighting, you'll know that keeping your arms in close to your body most of the time is the better option, so in this form you won't see the arms separating and striking in opposite directions, this makes it far more realistic. 
Also, movements where you might spin around 270 degrees, which is great for balance etc, but would not work in a fight, now because this form is done on a circle about half the usual size, this means that these spins are now closer to 180, again making the movement more realistic. 

As far as martial is concerned, this is where it's at, the big dragon is more about learning how to generate the power, so it's important to do that first, big the little dragon is how we actually fight. 
Some movements are the same as the big dragon only smaller, but there are also many movements where, the palms are replaced with elbows, or where the strikes are now more aimed at the head and neck. 
This form is the first time you'll see how circular form actually works as a fighting art. 

Some people may remember that Erle introduced this form at summer camp 2010 just before he died.
He was very excited about sharing this way of the form with you, but unfortunately he never got a chance to share it all or release a video series on it. 
So I hope that I (Eli) will be able to do him justice by finishing what he started and share this amazing form with you all. 

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  • Run Time: Approx.  mins 126
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