MTG99 Bagua To The Max Vol One
MTG99 Bagua To The Max Vol One

MTG99 Bagua To The Max Vol One

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Teaches Baguazhang Circular form at it's highest level. With the dim-Mak Applications.
Part Number: MTG99

This is the natural carry on from 'Bagua Essentials' series. Teaches Baguazhang at it's highest level with the dim-Mak Applications. It is impossible to teach the highest levels of any Internal system from the start as beginners or intermediate students could not take in these advanced methods. You must crawl before you can walk and then walk before you can run. This series will take you into the most advanced area of Baguazhang form.

This form is never taught mainly because most instructors do not know that it exists and also because many people never get to a high enough level to take this form internally. This is an excellent series for both the instructor as well as the advanced student. Or for those just curious to see what Baguazhang looks like at its most advanced level. Each movement is taught in great detail with even the tiniest movements receiving attention as it is the tiny moves that form the backbone of Bagua.

  • Level: Advanced
  • Run Time: Approx 90 mins
  • Media Type: MP4 Download