Basic Membership is free
However becoming an "Active Member" from just £10 per year offers many great benefits.

Is Active membership good value for you? 
On average if you are an active member you will get around £10 to £20 off one workshop, 
so if you come to one workshop per year then it's worth having. 
Then for MTG videos you get around £1 to £2 off per video. 
So one workshop or 5 videos and you could be saving more than the cost of membership.

To become a WTBA member:

1. We need to know who you are, that means you need to be involved with the WTBA on some level. Training in some way with Eli either in person or with the online courses. Or training with a WTBA registered instructor. 

2. Fill in the form by clicking the link below and hit send.
2. To be an "Active Member" Choose a payment method via the link below
Please note, do not make payment until after you fill out the membership form.

Once Accepted
You will be sent out your digital membership certificate
You will also gain access to all the benefits offered to active members
Including discounts
on Eli Montaigue workshops
and MTG videos from Erle and Eli. 

If you would like to purchase WTBA Merchandise such as a T shirt or Mug etc, please go here.