From Erle

Thank you for ordering our catalogue and welcome to the W.T.B.A.s information service, "MTG Publishing".

I am not a businessman and do not wish to be. We started in a very small way by making videos for our students, those who wished to study the Erle Montaigue methods at home. Never in our wildest dreams did we think that we would be where we are today and never did we actually go out and try to get customers. MTG Publishing has been an organic growth without any hi-sell. Our product is the very best that there is available anywhere in the World and so we have grown despite our not trying.

MTG is short for "Moon Ta-gu" which is what the Chinese Masters call myself (Erle Montaigue) as they just can't get a handle on Montaigue. It means "Old Tower" and I am happy to be an Old Tower! So, now we have around 110 titles (1995) when back in 1982 we only had the one title. The W.T.B.A. (World Taiji Boxing Association) has also grown organically without any trying. I began this organization back in around 1984 so that my students could have an umbrella organization to which to belong. Then, it was called the Australasian Taiji Boxing Association, but as new members joined us from around the world we had to change the name. Nowadays we have around 35 countries as members and around 3,500 members and students involved the Association.

My books are published by PALADIN PRESS in the USA, but we will be doing some of our own titles in the future. The most exciting area is that of "Qi Disruption" and "Medical Taijiquan". These areas have never before been published and I know that I am the first person to ever be taught these area outside of a handful of students in China. I believe that everyone should have the benefit of my many years of training, not only the few "inner circle" students. Unlike Chinese thought, I believe that if anyone is able to get a grasp on any part of what I teach, then it is theirs to keep. Those that aren't up to it as yet, will simply not learn it until later. So, I give out everything I know in great detail because it is the job of a teacher to look out for his students and not hold anything back, other than that which is perhaps a bit too advanced at any stage.

I do not put myself up as a "Master" as I have learnt that the higher one is, the greater distance one has to fall! I have risen to this height because I have ridden on the shoulders of Giants. I do not wish to be called "master" or "sifu", just plain "Erle" is all I wish to be called.

We have people from all walks of life studying from these tapes, very highly ranked karateka, to beginners, to whole Law Enforcement Agencies in Europe and the USA.

I also like to think of my "long distance" students as friends and students. Many from all around the world have learnt from these tapes and have risen themselves, to great heights because of the amount of information that goes into each tape.

Thank you again for your inquiry, and I sincerely hope that you are able to glean some good information from my hard work, information that will enhance your own martial art and hopefully your daily life.