Erle Montaigue


1/. The postures become one posture with the beginning of one posture and the end of the last indistinguishable.

This means that for someone watching, they would not see that you are doing individual postures, they would think that you are performing some kind of long movement that only has a beginning and an end. The reason is that once the body and the Qi are in harmony, often there will be a very short movement of Qi which the body has to keep up with. You do not have to think about this because when one is ready for the Waving form, it will tell you exactly how to perform the movement. It will just feel right to do it in a certain manner. For instance, the postures of 'Grasping Swallow's Tail' will become a beautiful short and indistinguishable set of postures with different speeds for each posture. It feels amazing though as this will be the first time that your Qi and your body are in perfect harmony and it energizes the whole body. And for about one hour afterwards, you are buzzing. It also sets up your whole day making it a happy day with nothing worrying you. This has been said in the classics of course. However, most people try to lay the 'Classics' over the top of their very basic forms! And it just doesn't work.

2/. The Qi is raised in the back causing the arms to lift and fly.

When performing Waving Form (which will eventually be simply 'form') the arms fill Qi through the backbone. They will seem to move by themselves in ever increasing power. It seems to strike someone, you would cause great damage as the Qi is manifesting our of your palms. The movements of the hands and arms become a little higher while the hand movements become smaller. This is the way to true martial arts and self defence. However, the ultimate goal of your Taijiquan practice will be to help you to understand about Qi and how it works for you. How it will help you to change things in your life and to get things done that need doing. Doors begin to open for you and your destiny is revealed.

3/. Thought and Taijiquan go together to make things work.

This means that when we think about something, something that we for instance wish to happen in our lives, something good of course as Qi will never work in the evil way, or when there is something that needs to happen, some debt that has to be  paid, or some wrong that needs to be fixed etc. It will only happen when you practice your Taijiquan and balance your Qi. It's like a pressure cooker, we think and think, we pray we ask etc. And this thought energy builds up and up and had to be released, so the Taijiquan is the release valve for those thoughts. And you will find that things will begin happening when you get to the point where it has to be released.

4/. The Feet are rooted into the ground causing the upper body to wave.

When this happens, you feel like you are invincible. Your lower body feels like it is planted into the ground like a huge tree so that your upper body is able to move freely without fear of falling. The Qi moves up through the body beginning as a large open wave of energy rooted in the feet. As it moves upward, it becomes more concentrated and smaller causing the upper body to wave and as it comes out of the hands, there is such a concentration of Qi that the hands become hot.

5/. The whole body will move as one unit in Waving Form.

 It seems to someone looking on that the lower body is moving differently from the upper/ And this is true. However, as with all of the Classic sayings, it pertains to the movement of Qi and not necessarily to the physical movement. So although the lower body is rooted and the upper body is waving with Qi, There is no difference because the lower body has a large open wave of Qi while the upper is small, closed and concentrated, so in effect, both are in harmony and moving in perfect harmony. This is also tgrue 'Small Frame Form'.