New MTG videos coming out.

I thought I would write a short note about my plans for the next few years, with regards to me bringing out new MTG videos as some people have been confused as to my reasons for putting out videos, particularly those which could be seen as a replacement or follow on from one of Dad’s. 

I have five main reasons for putting out new videos.
1. Dad never got around to putting the drill or form on video
2. Dad only ever put out a basic video and did not get around to doing the advanced one
3. The old basic video by Dad is outdated and does not have enough detail, so needs a replacement
4. All people learn differently, so I will show things from my way of looking at it.
5. Opening things up to new audiences.

Number one
This is pretty obvious, if something is not on video, then it needs to be.
There are many things that Dad never got around to putting on video, he never had any intentions to keep any information off video, he wanted everything he knew to be documented.
I have many half finished videos that were filmed in his final days, which I will publish when I get around to finishing them off.
Other things, are forms or drills that he taught me, or that I have his written notes on, some of these things he never taught publicly, such as the 12 Qi Development tools medical applications, or the last four of the Bagua animal san sau’s for example.
Some things I have on video of he and I training them together, others I have his notes to work them out. I am a perfectionist, Dad always said this about me, so I won’t put out a video on something till I feel I have worked out the best possible way to teach it.
Some of these things I plan to release soon, others I want to first continue to train in myself before I show others to make sure I don’t give anyone any incorrect teaching.

Number two
Another obvious reason here, there’s no advanced video on many of the forms and training methods, so I will do these.
This is an area where Dad told me I needed to do this before he died, as he did not want to have to go over every form and drill himself and do an advanced video, so he told me that any form or drill that he has not yet put out a follow up video on, that I should do this for him.
I started this before he died with the new Taiji Straight Sword videos, which he commended to be a great replacement to his old video. Even though I was still quite young then, and could do it a lot better now, it’s still a great video. Also just after he died with the Bagua Linear Pole form, so I will continue to do this with every video that he didn’t do.
Some people have this idea that if Dad didn’t put out a follow up video on a certain subject, it means that he felt it was totally complete and does not need anything else added, but they have somehow forgotten that he died during his production of videos, and he still had so much more he wanted to put down, a lot of his videos were left incomplete when he died.

Number three
Replacing the old videos.
Well this even more so than number two is what Dad asked me to do.
He was sick of teaching basics, he found it boring, and you can’t blame him after 35 years of teaching, but he knew that a lot of them needed replacing, as people would learn from them, and then come to a workshop to find they had to change many things, with Dad saying we don’t do it like that anymore.
So he told me that things like MTG2 YLC form, MTG3 Small and Large San Sau, MTG4 Bagua, MTG5 Push Hands, and the list goes on, all needed to be replaced, updating them to the way we now practice, and also adding more details to give the student the best possible chance of understanding and learning the art.

Number four
This is where I will be putting out videos on either my own training ideas, or I also plan to put out replicas of most of Dad’s videos, meaning I will take the subject point, and if I think I can explain it from a different angle, then I will do a video on it, and sell it as a double set along with the original of Dad’s. Some people learn and pick up stuff better when they hear it from Dad, but others much more when they hear it from me, so this will simply give everyone both options, they can focus on whichever one makes more sense to them. For example, Dad teaches a class of 20 people, but only 10 of them understand what he’s putting across. I then teach the same thing to the same 20 people, and still only 10 of them understand what I am putting across, but it’s the other 10...
So now all 20 people have got it.
As long as the two teaches are teaching the same principals etc, this is a great way to learn.

Number five
This is an important area to keep things current, some people like learning from old historical videos, but others see them and would very much like a newer version. Same goes for what teacher you want to learn from, some people like learning from the “Old Master” Others prefer a young fresh look on things, so that is what I am providing, one is not better than the other, just different things suit different people, and I want to get this stuff across to as many people as possible.
Dad named me his successor before he died, he trusted that I would do the right thing to keep his teachings alive. I want to be able to pass the Erle Montaigue system onto my children, so when I die whoever is to be my successor will be able to again update and refresh things to catch the eye of those new students.
It’s like if you grew up watching Christopher Reeve as Superman, he’s your hero, no one can be better than him, but show it to a young teenager today and they will think it’s rubbish, then you bring out a new version which catches the attention of the younger generation, and the original idea of Superman lives on forever.

So yeah that’s my plan for the next few, well actually I guess that’s my lifelong plan really, as I’ll probably be doing this till I’m dead.
Happy training everyone