Online Workshop August 13th
Online Workshop August 13th

Online Workshop August 13th

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£45GBP (Members Discount Price £40GBP)
Part Number: OWA13
This workshop was streamed live on August 13th. 
But you can still stream anytime till the end of August.
It is 4 hours long including a short break. 

What's Covered. 
Eli will be going through the YLC form, as much as we can get through in the 4 hours, hopefully the whole thing, but if not then a follow up will be scheduled for the following week. 
This workshop is for people who already know the form, or at least the first third. 
Eli will not teach the movements from scratch, he will be covering all the most commonly looked over areas, the mistakes everyone makes. 

But not the ones you already know about!
The most common mistakes you already know if you're making them, or if you don't, then this usually means you can't see it and need a private class to be shown. 
No, this workshop Eli will cover the errors you didn't even know it was possible to make. 
Ok sure, some things you will have heard Eli talk about before, but for the most part you will find what is being taught eye opening and very helpful to your training. 

Everyone always wants to add more to they form, push it forward, advanced advance, CHARGE!!!!! 
However, unless your core foundation is correct, by adding more and more to it, eventually it will break and you'll have to go back to the start. 
So lets go through the whole form, and make sure we have it right!

This will be beneficial to anyone who knows at least the first third, no matter how advance your form may be. 

To book in, simply add this product to your cart and check out. 
You will be sent a link to the live class 30 minutes before start time. 
After this you will be sent another link to the HD recording.