Online Workshop, Foundations of the Internal

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This workshop was streamed live on September 3rd.
It is still available to view till September 19th. 
It is 4 hours long including a short break. 

What's Covered. 
This time Eli will be going into the internal area of training. 
Sticking with basics, which has been the theme of all Eli's teaching this year, but the basics of the internal. 
The focus will be on breath, how to feel every stage of the breath, (it's not just in and out) then how to link that in with the form movements. 

Eli will explain how the breath does not always go in on one move then out on the next, but that often that out breath might not start till a third of the way through the next move. 
This over lapping of the breath in movements is what truly brings the internal side of your training into the foreground. 
But still keeping it simple, over complicating things is the best way to never feel a thing. 

Breath breath and then some more breath!
It's hard to explain everything in text, but the focus will be on breath, you need to already know the first third of the Taiji form, Eli will be using the YLC, but if you know the YCF you'll still be able to follow. 
There will be some things explained about the movement, but mostly how it links in with the breath, not anything like technical hand placement etc, we covered all that in the last two workshops. 

A great workshop for all levels, even if you think you've got it already, you'll be sure to get some great tips on how to teach someone else. 

This will be the last online workshop before Eli moves back to Europe, the next one won't be till early November.  

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