Words by Erle Montaigue
June 14th 2009


"... Some teachers claim that they have been studying with me for 20 years! Sure, they might have met me that long ago, but in actual hours some have taken with me over that period only 12 lessons! 12 hours!!

My son Eli, however, has been with me now for 19 years and during that time his actual training time goes into literally hundreds of hours! Which is why I have handed the running of the WTBA over to him as he is the only one who has received almost everything I know to a degree where I know I can trust him to teach the real Montaigue system.


Some have made disparaging remarks about his young age! I urge those to come and visit him and see how well he has learnt from me!


If I were retiring, Eli, would inherit the true system, aided by his brother, Ben...


... After 30 years or so of doing it all by myself, it is nice to have some help from my children. Hence, my handing the running of the WTBA over to the only obvious successor, Eli.


My sincere advice to those who find it difficult to accept that a 23-year-old man can take over running the WTBA is to take a look at your own ego!


I hope that this puts an end to this BS!